“ The nation that destroys its soil destroys itself. ”

“ Mission And Goals ”

The goal of the organization is to promote and enrich all the agricultural soils of Andhra Pradesh with low cost/no cost organic input; establish consumer network marketing, so that agricultural profession is lucrative. The Green Krishi NGOs Network works on a broad range of issues with a strong emphasis on organic farming and protection of the environment.


  • To create organic farming awareness among farmers.
  • To facilitate a flow of information between the Governmental Institutes, such as Organic Cell, Commissionerate of Agriculture, National Horticultural Board, APEDA, Certification Agencies, NOC, and other institutes which are engaged in promoting organic agriculture and marketing organic produce.
  • To facilitate co-operation and information sharing regarding the monitoring and implementation within the NGO community.
  • To draw up policies and strategies and undertake action in fields.
  • To certify all the produce & market at remunerative through GREEN KRISHI Marketing chain.