“ The nation that destroys its soil destroys itself. ”


Food Security, Soil Fertility, Farming Systems, Indigenous systems, Crop Management, Participatory development, Agriculture & Gender, Agro Biodiversity, Recycling and self-sufficiency in power, remunerative price for produce, foreign exchange to the exchequer.


We have been doing excellent work in association with several organizations, viz., State, NIRD, and KVIC in the field of organic farming. The President and the Secretary of GREEN KRISHI are resource persons to AP State Horticultural College, NIRD, CAPART, Asian Productivity Organization, and several NGOs. We have been training several NGOs, farmers and conducting training programmes. We have developed Model Demonstration Farm at Malkaram village, Shamshabad. Training programmes on Vermi Composting, Nadep Composting, Biodynamic Composting, liquid fertilizers, Panchagavya, Amrut Jala, Leafy extractions, are etc., are being conducted. Our main focus is on low input technologies so that cost of production is reduced.